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Deanna Chesley

What If We Had A Pet Shark?

A fun, rhyming, picture book by author Deanna Chesley, with a rather terrifying question. What if…?

Ellie returns from a field trip to the zoo. She has a very big and quite terrifying question. A question, she is too afraid to ask. A question, she is too afraid to know the answer. What if we had a pet shark? Ellie reluctantly asks her momma. Or a crocodile, a giraffe, or a skunk? Ellie imagines what might happen if she brought home some scary and very unusual pets. Will they help around the house, or will they create mess and chaos, Ellie ponders? As she snuggles down to sleep with her beloved pooch, Ellie soon realises that the best pet is the one snuggled up right beside her.

This illustrated picture book will have younger children laughing out loud and squirming in their seats! The story is based on a typical question that a young child might ask, and will help spark the imagination and further conversations. What if…?

Written in rhyme by Deanna Chesley, with stunning, vibrant illustrations that will entice younger readers by Roksana Barwinska.

Star Rating: 5 Stars


‘This fabulously fun picture book will have children laughing out loud and squirming in their seats. A FINALIST and highly recommended.’

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