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Carina Ho & Jesse Byrd

Mighty Mara

An inspirational book for anyone who has ever struggled to fit in, from authors Carina Ho and Jesse Byrd

Everyone is the same in Sametown. Everyone except Mara. Mara is different. She is colour in a world of grey. She is unique in a world of ordinary. But, because of her uniqueness, Mara struggles to find her place in Sametown. What she wants more than anything in the world, is for people to love her just for who she is. Inspired by a TV show, Mara decides to sign up for the school talent show. She wants to show off her dance skills, but no one dances in Sametown, certainly not like Mara anyway. No-one believes she can do it. No-one thinks she has a chance. Will Mara have the courage to dance in the talent show? And will she prove her critics wrong?

This is an inspirational story of a unique young girl who struggles to fit in. The odds are stacked against her - no-one believes in her and the environment doesn’t make things easy for her – but, through sheer determination, self-belief, and extraordinary talent, she realises her dream.

It will encourage young children not only to accept their differences, but to embrace and celebrate their differences, and to follow their dreams. We liked that there were no words on some of the pages, which will encourage parents and children to discuss the pictures and interpret the events in their own words.

The book is beautifully presented and illustrated by Monica Paola Rodriguez. We loved the colours, and the images of Mara standing out and shining in a world of dull grey.

We did notice some grammatical errors, and therefore recommend the authors consider a full editorial review.

Star Rating: 5 Stars


‘A beautifully presented picture book about an inspirational young girl with a unique talent. A FINALIST and highly recommended.’

Carina Ho & Jesse Byrd
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