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Laurie Anne Zaleski

Travels with Ariel - What's up in Baker Lake?

Can a young scientist rescue injured caribou and repair a twenty-year-old borehole?

Eleven-year-old Ariel is passionate about the earth, rocks, and science. After winning first place in an International Science Fair at school, she is selected for a HER (Headquarters of Environmental Resolution) mentorship program. As part of the program, she has the opportunity to work alongside real scientists and be part of a real-life scientific investigation. She is given an assignment in Baker Lake, Canada, and travels with her mom and beloved dog, Champ, to a site on the very edge of the Arctic Circle.  She meets her mentor, a world-renowned geomorphologist Dr Bryce, and learns that several caribou have been injured near a damaged borehole on the Arctic Tundra. Her mission is to work with the scientists to investigate, repair, and recalibrate the old borehole and safeguard the migrating caribou. Ariel and the team trek to the site and find an injured caribou and her young calf. They secure the site and take the injured caribou back to the town for treatment. As the caribou are treated, the scientists attempt to repair the borehole, so it can continue to capture important data about the terrain.  Will the caribou recover from their injuries? Can they be released back into the wild to continue their journey? And will the team be able to repair the twenty-year-old borehole to secure the site for future generations?

Travels with Ariel - What's up in Baker Lake? by author Laurie Anne Zaleski is a chapter book for newly independent readers about a young girl who goes on a scientific adventure of a lifetime to the Arctic Tundra. Ariel is a charming, likeable, and fun character, with a love for geology and conservation, and a passion for adventure. Her journey is inspiring, as she wins a contest and fulfils her dream to be involved in a real-life scientific investigation. The book is full of interesting facts and figures about the earth, geology, and science in general, and will encourage young readers to explore more about these fascinating subjects. I hope this book will inspire a love of STEM, and the next generation of geologists and scientists. Fascinating, insightful, and inspiring. Who said rocks were boring?

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A wonderful, inspiring story about a young geologist who goes on an amazing adventure to the Arctic Tundra,

Laurie Anne Zaleski
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