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Hans Ness

Rolo the Pet Earthling

Will a pet earthling discover the truth about his species?

Zira, a Blorxling from the planet Blorx, wants a pet earthling. She begs her mom for many years, until one day she receives her very own human pet. She names the little earthling Rolo, and he soon settles into his new home. Luckily, Rolo is potty trained, but he does like to sneak into Zira’s bed at nighttime. As Rolo grows taller, hairier, and smellier, he becomes unsettled and very bored. While out walking one day with Zira, they meet a group of animal rights activists in the park. The activists are protesting about the rights of earthlings, chanting ‘Earthlings have rights too.’ Rolo becomes curious and wonders, Where do earthlings come from? And how did they live before they were pets? As he hangs out with his earthling friends in the park, he is spotted by the Animal Control Force and captured for not wearing his harness. Scared and confused, Rolo manages to escape from the bots. He is chased into a wormhole and finds himself in the big city, far away from his family and beloved Zira. Can Rolo find his way home before the Animal Control Force catch him? And will he ever discover the truth about the origins of his species?

Rolo the Pet Earthling is a chapter book for middle grade readers by author Hans Ness. The book follows the adventures of a young alien from the planet Blorx and her earthling pet, Rolo. Owner and pet are involved in a fast paced and frantic cat and mouse chase, as they try to find one another before the human-catchers do. This is a fun book, set in a captivating alien world where human/animal roles are reversed. Children will enjoy the story and laugh out loud as the pet earthlings are treated in the same way we treat our pet dogs.

This is a brilliant concept, with a compelling alien world and a captivating cast of weird and wonderful characters. The book will delight young readers who enjoy fantasy, science fiction, and funny stories.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A creative, imaginative, and funny book for middle grade readers, about a young alien and her beloved human pet.

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