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Dr Tamara Lazic Strugar

The Sunscreaming Summer

Siblings Mia and Luka learn how to stay safe in the sun.

The Sunscreaming Summer is a graphic novel for middle grade readers, and the first book in the Skinventurez series, by Dr. Tamara Lazic Strugar. The book follows the adventures of siblings Mia and Luka, and their friends Jude and Anya, as they take a trip to the countryside during the summer break. Luka is terrified of ghosts and even scared to watch the movie Ghostbusters. When Jude and Luka attack Mia and Anya with rabbit poop, the girls decide to take revenge. They hatch a plan to convince the boys that their dad is a real ghost. The boys test the theory. His skin is pale. His hands are ice cold to the touch. They are convinced he is a ghost.

One day as the children play outside, Mia tries to get Luka to wear sunscreen. He ignores her advice because it is cloudy and gets badly sunburnt. His skin is pink, sore, and very itchy. His dad suggests they visit Dr Lazic, a skin doctor in the city. Dr Lazic gives advice on how to stay safe in the sun. She explains how to apply sunscreen correctly, how much to apply, and the importance of protecting the skin by covering up, staying in the shade, and wearing a hat and sunglasses. She also warns of the dangers of sun exposure and provides tips for treating sunburn. When they leave the doctor’s office, they soon learn the truth about Mia and Luka’s dad. Why is his skin so pale? And is he really a ghost?

The Sunscreaming Summer is a fun graphic novel, with an important message about sun safety. Written by Dr. Tamara Lazic Strugar, a dermatologist who was diagnosed with stage IV cancer. Struga uses her experience as a skin doctor to raise awareness and educate young people about the dangers of sun exposure. Combining a fun summer holiday and a silly ghost story, the book deals with a serious topic in a way that young children will easily understand. With lots of hints and tips for staying safe in the sun, and additional resources, including a quiz and several puzzles, the book makes the topic fun and accessible for readers of all ages. The illustrations by Lea Embeli are sublime.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A fun and educational graphic book for young readers about sun safety.

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