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Sarah Sparks

The Angriest Monster on Mill Street

A tiny monster has the biggest roar on Mill Street.

Albie is the angriest monster on Mill Street. He is a little monster, but when he is angry, he is very angry! He shouts and screams, and hits and kicks when he doesn’t get his own way. But one day, Albie gets so angry he loses his temper and lets out a big roar. As the anger bubbles inside him, little Albie grows into the biggest monster you have ever seen. He stomps on the ground and causes a giant earthquake. He huffs and he puffs and stirs up a tornado. Albie knows he has lost control and starts to think what he can do to help himself. He smells the fresh flowers, and he feels the cool breeze. He sees a rainbow in the sky, and watches the rain bounce off the ground. He feels much calmer. Albie’s temper subsides, and he goes back to being a pint-sized little monster. But he has left a lot of mess in Mill Street and is determined to put things right. He meets some new friends who help him talk through his thoughts and feelings. Some days, Albie is still a grumpy monster, but now he knows how to cope.

The Angriest Monster on Mill Street by author Sarah Sparks is part of the Monster on Mill Street series. Like other books in this series, Albie has thoughts and feelings he doesn’t know how to control. He experiences bouts of anger and doesn’t know how to keep his emotions in check, to the extent that his temper blows up out of all proportion. But with spending time in nature and speaking to his friends, Albie learns how to cope, little by little.

This book is a great resource for parents or carers to open up discussions with younger children about their thoughts and feelings. It will help younger children recognise their own behaviours and help them to develop techniques to manage their emotions. Importantly, it will remind them that they are not alone, and other people will help and support them.

Star rating:  5 Stars 

Summary: A great resource for parents or carers, with coping mechanisms for children to help manage their emotions.

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