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Michael Dow

Nurse Florence for Beginning Readers: Help, Im Bleeding!

Jean learns basic first aid, with the help of the school nurse, Florence.

Three little girls, Jean, Sonia, and Condi are playing outside at school when Jean trips over a rock and falls down. She cuts her hand on the rock and is sent to the school nurse to stop the bleeding. Nurse Florence puts on her gloves and puts pressure on Jeans hand. She explains how Jean’s own body will heal itself and stop the bleeding by using the food she has eaten. She puts some anti-bacterial cream on the wound and covers it with a band-aid to keep it clean. To help her wound heal faster, Nurse Florence recommends that Jean eats a healthy diet, including green vegetables, cereal and eggs, and drinks plenty of milk. Jean thanks Nurse Florence and hopes one day she might become a nurse herself.

Nurse Florence for Beginning Readers: Help, I’m Bleeding! is an illustrated picture book By author Michael Dow. Inspired by the nursing profession and particularly the remarkable work of Florence Nightingale, the book provides a basic lesson in first aid for very young readers. It follows a young girl who is injured at school and is treated by the school nurse, Florence. Nurse Florence treats the girls wound, but also gives advice about how to help her own body heal. The girl is so inspired by Nurse Florence, she hopes to become a nurse one day too.

The book is an educational and engaging story, that will help young readers understand basic first aid, and may even inspire them to pursue a career in nursing, medicine, or science. It shows the important work that nurses do to help others when they need treatment, but also the work they do in health promotion and disease prevention.

Star rating:  5 Stars

Summary: A great introduction to first aid for young readers, and a fascinating insight into the nursing profession.

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