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FA Khan

My Superhero Mom

Will Soha win her school writing competition?

It is a big day for Soha at school as the teacher announces a new writing competition. Soha is excited to enter the competition and hopes she will win first prize. When her teacher explains that the competition is to write a story about ‘My Superhero Mom’, Soha is stumped. All of her friends’ moms have important jobs, like a doctor or a teacher. Soha thinks her mom doesn’t have a job or do important things. She looks different to the other moms and doesn’t speak very good English either. Soha is sad because she doesn’t think she will win the competition. But, when Soha helps her mom volunteer at the food bank and the soup kitchen, she notices how friendly and kind her mom is towards other people, how people like her mom, and how much she enjoys volunteering. Then, as her mom hands out toys to poorly children at the paediatricians office and organises a bake sale to raise money for the school library, Soha soon realises her mom does many important jobs in their community. She thinks about all the important jobs she does at home too, like creating a nice home and helping to look after the family.  As Soha starts to write her story for the competition, she realises her mom is a superhero after all!

My Superhero Mom by FA Khan is a wonderful, heartwarming illustrated picture book about a little girl who doesn’t realise just how amazing her mom is. She compares her mom to her friends’ moms and thinks she is not as important. But, as she understands more about what her mom does every day in the community and at home, she learns that she has superhero qualities too. This book shows gratitude and appreciation to all the moms who strive every day to create safe and loving homes for their children.

It is a delightful reminder that not all superheroes wear capes, and not all superheroes have a fancy job.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A wonderful, heartwarming illustrated picture book and a fabulous celebration of moms everywhere.

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