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Cheryl Johnson

Today I Learned About Birds

A guidebook about birds, with words and photographs by Cheryl Johnson.

Today I Learned About Birds is a guidebook about birds, where they live, what they eat, how they look and how they behave and communicate with one another. It explores their wide range of habitats, from the city to the country, and forests and deserts; the different bird species, from house sparrows to mockingbirds, and swans to owls; the food they eat, including seeds, fruits, and small animals; and much, much more.  On each page there is a reader tip (including explorer tips, birding tips, how to identify birds, fun facts) to help readers learn more about birds and find great places to discover birds. The final section explores some of the challenges birds face, endangered species of birds, and how we can all help make things a little easier for our feathered friends. On completion of the book, readers are awarded a ‘Junior Ornithologist’ certificate.

Today I Learned About Birds is a wonderful book about birds by author and photographer, Cheryl Johnson. With fascinating and fun facts about our feathered friends, and glorious technicolour photographs of birds in their natural environments, this is a great introduction to birds for younger readers. I am fascinated by birds and I love birdwatching, but I learnt many new things from this book. The book will encourage young children and adults to grab their binoculars and venture outside to watch these amazing specimens.

With handy symbols and maps, to help readers look for birds in their own backyard, and a whole range of other resources, this book is a perfect guide for any budding ornithologist or nature enthusiast.

Whilst aimed at young readers, this book is a great reference book for readers of all ages, and a super addition to any library.

Star rating:  5 Stars 

Summary: A glorious book about birds and a perfect resource for any budding ornithologist.

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