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Cheryl Johnson

Backyard Critters and Creatures

Readers discover a variety of critters and creatures in their own backyard.

Backyard Critters & Creatures is an informative and engaging book for young readers about the many creatures that hide out of sight in the backyard or park. With a location map and information about when and where to find each creature, and other key facts about each creature, such as their size and favourite foods, young readers will be able to start their own backyard adventure. Featuring the tiniest critters and creatures, amphibians, birds and mammals, the book highlights the variety of life that exists right outside the backdoor.  On double page spreads, there is a spotlight on a different creature, with a wonderful full color photograph, nature notes, fun facts, explorer tips and recommended activities. The book equips readers with all the information and resources they need to become a junior backyard biologist and at the end of the book, they receive a certificate of achievement.

Backyard Critters & Creatures is another great addition to the nature book series, by author and photographer Cheryl Johnson. The book shows that wherever you live, in the city or the countryside, you don’t have to travel far to find amazing creatures and animals. With some simple tools, such as a notepad and pen, and binoculars, there is lots to explore right outside the backdoor.

The book and the series will spark children’s curiosity and encourage a deeper interest in the natural environment.  It will hopefully inspire readers of all ages to go outside and explore.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A delightful exploration of the amazing wildlife that exists right outside the back door.

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