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Betty Cetas

Oscar and Otto

Friendship is much more fun than fighting.

Oscar is a troll who loves to fish. Otto is a fish who loves to trick fishermen. When Oscar takes his boat into the lake, Otto cannot wait to have some fun. Oscar throws his line into the lake, and Otto bites on the tasty worm. But when Oscar retrieves the worm, there is no fish. Oscar drops his line again, and again and again, and Otto nibbles on the worm, one bit at a time. Until Oscar has no worms left. Otto teases Oscar, and Oscar hatches a plan to catch the fish. He tries a fishing net, but Otto is too strong and falls into the water. He tries a hook, but the line snaps and he falls into the water. Otto escapes, but the hook is stuck in his mouth. Oscar is furious, and even when the lake freezes over, he plots to catch Otto. He cuts a hole in the icy surface of the lake, but the ice isn’t thick enough and he falls into the water again.  Oscar cannot find the ice hole, but Otto sees him drowning and helps him to the surface. When spring arrives, Oscar returns back to the lake…but this time he has a very different plan.

Oscar and Otto is part of the Troll Tales and Other Stories from Grandma’s Cottage series, by Betty Cetas. This is a heartwarming tale of two enemies who set their differences aside to become good friends. It follows Oscar as he battles to catch the fish ‘that cannot be caught’.  The more Otto evades Oscar’s capture, the more furious Oscar becomes. Oscar is determined to catch the pesky fish, and Otto is determined to evade the fisherman. Until the day their games go too far, and both Oscar and Otto’s lives are in danger. Otto notices Oscar is in trouble and helps save his life. In return, Oscar does a good deed to help the fish.  The book demonstrates the importance of friendship, kindness, and supporting others when they are in need. Young children will enjoy the fun scenes of Oscar repeatedly falling in the lake and will root for the fish as he evades the troll’s capture.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A heartwarming tale of two enemies who set their differences aside and become best friends.

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