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Adalgisa and David Nico

Fish in the Desert: The Untold Story of the Death Valley Pupfish

Adele’s adventure in the wetlands of Death Valley.

Adele is visiting the Death Valley National Park with her parents. Unfortunately, Adele was injured playing soccer and her leg is in a cast.  As she explores the salt crusted floor of an ancient lake, Adele cannot imagine anything could live in the Death Valley. But, when she notices pupfish swimming in the lake, she is keen to learn how they survive in the hot and salty conditions. Aquatic Ecologist, Marjorie, explains how the Salt Creek Pupfish are scientifically important creatures that have adapted over many years to the hostile environment. Of all the sea life creatures that once lived in the ancient lakes, the pupfish are the only ones to survive. Marjorie shows Adele other pupfish habitats and learns more about the endemic pupfish, and the many subspecies that live in separate islands of water. But there is still lots to learn about these resilient creatures, like how they manage to survive in the deep water caverns.

Fish in the Desert: The Untold Story of the Death Valley Pupfish is a fascinating tale about the endemic pupfish that live in the Death Valley. The story is told through a young girl named Adele who visits the park with her parents. As the family explore the park, they are fascinated by the pupfish who survive in the wetlands, against all odds. They learn all about their history and habitat, and how they have evolved over many years into a variety of subspecies.

With lots of interesting facts and figures, and further resources to explore, this book will educate readers about these fascinating creatures and the Death Valley National Park.  The illustrations by Andy Atkins bring the stunning landscapes and creatures to life beautifully.

The book will appeal to young readers interested in the natural world and conservation.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: An insightful and fascinating book about the resilient pupfish, who survive against all odds in the inhospitable Death Valley National Park.

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