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AC Bradburn

Dancing with Cara The Rainbow Stories

A beautiful reminder of the magic that can be found outdoors, by AC Bradburn.

Dancing with Cara: The Rainbow Stories is a collection of eight short stories by AC Bradburn. The stories follow a four-year-old little girl named Cara, as she explores the natural world around her. In ‘Grandad’, Cara has fun splashing in puddles with her grandad. She makes up songs and sings along as she splashes in the puddles, teaching her Grandad the words to her silly songs. She explains how she loves to sing and talk to the plants and animals. In ‘Mountain’, Cara talks to a mountain and learns where mountains come from, and how they grow and change, just like humans. In ‘Sunflower’ Cara discovers how sunflowers get their nourishment and energy from the sun, and how the whole world dances around the sun. In ‘Butterfly’, she sings a song to a butterfly. She learns that she doesn’t need wings to fly, and her spirit can fly anywhere it wants to. In ‘Crystal’, Cara sees the beauty in her mom’s crystal jewellery, and learns there is beauty inside everything.

Dancing with Cara: The Rainbow Stories is a delightful collection of stories for younger aged children by AC Bradburn, beautifully illustrated by Ivy Trazsi. Cara is a curious, imaginative, and playful little girl, who enjoys spending time outdoors and has a magical connection with nature. The book takes readers on a journey through forests, fields, beaches, and meadows, where Cara interacts with the natural environment and converses with plants, animals, and natural elements. From splashing in puddles, dancing in the waves, and singing with butterflies, every page is filled with wonder.

The book deals with some complex topics about life and the universe, but Bradburn’s writing is simple and engaging, making it accessible for children of various ages. Trazsi’s enchanting illustrations bring Cara’s personality and the natural world to life beautifully.

This is a gem of a book, for young readers and adults alike.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A delightful collection of stories about a little girl who has a magical connection with nature.

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