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Jamie Andrea Garzot

Unconventional A Memoir of Entrepreneurism Politics and Pot

A unique and personal memoir by cannabis advocate and entrepreneur, Jamie Andrea Garzot

Unconventional, A Memoir of Entrepreneurism, Politics, and Pot is a memoir by Jamie Andrea Garzot about her experience of setting up and running a medical cannabis store in conservative, Northern California. Garzot explains how she was not a typical cannabis user or part of ‘cannabis heritage’, but used cannabis to help her sleep during episodes of insomnia. As a user of cannabis for medicinal purposes, her experience of purchasing cannabis was not good. Typical stores were unfriendly, intimidating, dirty, and hidden away in back-alleyways. In 2009, she risked it all to leave her secure, corporate job and opened a cannabis store, seven years before full legalisation. Her goal was to create a store that was accessible and welcoming to anyone, regardless of their cannabis experience or background. Her driving force was delivering a great experience for every customer.

Garzot describes how she set up the business with minimal funds, and how she went on to lead a successful, multi-million-dollar business. She discusses the many business and leadership challenges she faced, and how she navigated the complex and changing legal landscape. Garzot shares a number of stories of how cannabis played a therapeutic role for clients with Aids, Cancer, and other addictions. Garzot became an advocate for cannabis and worked tirelessly to improve the industry and further the legitimization of cannabis in society. However, whilst the business was thriving, Garzot faced many personal challenges. She discusses openly her childhood and the enduring impact of her mom’s death, her tumultuous marriage and divorce.

Unconventional, A Memoir of Entrepreneurism, Politics, and Pot is a memoir by Jamie Andrea Garzot about how she made a successful and profitable business in the cannabis industry. This is an insightful and absorbing memoir by an inspirational woman who has shown, with a strong vision, hard work, commitment, and dogged determination, that anything is possible. This is a well written and fascinating book, with some heartfelt moments and lots of humor. The book will appeal to readers who enjoy memoirs, and those who are interested in enterprise, leadership, and the cannabis industry.


Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary:  A riveting read about an inspirational woman who made her fortune in an unconventional business.

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