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Dr Nizar M Benazzouz

The innovative Animal

Nizar M. Benazzouz, PhD examines the hidden pattern within all natural and human innovations.

The Innovative Animal explores the concept of innovation in all its facets, from the computer field and business, to the creation of our Matrix, online streaming, and the introduction of AI. Benazzouz discusses the rapid and profound transformations that have taken place over recent times, and how they have disrupted almost every aspect of our lives, from our economy, our society, and our individual identity. He discusses how the smartphone has become an extension of ourselves, enabling us to do almost anything and everything, from ordering a taxi, to streaming movies, and communicating with loved ones. The world we live in today is almost unrecognizable from the world of the 1950s. For many, the rapid pace of change is confusing and overwhelming. Benazzouz developed “The Fundamental Identity of Innovation”, an equation, he argues, capable of describing all human and natural innovations. In the equation, innovation is a result of motivation (of the innovator), creativity (or vision), technology (or implementation), value (or outcome), and need (of the end user).


This is a meticulously researched book by Digital Transformation Manager and Innovation Professor, Nizar M. Benazzouz. The book explores both the creative and destructive forces of innovation, integrating knowledge from the East and West, and exploring innovation alongside developments in other fields of science and social science, such as biology, physics, history, anthropology, philosophy, psychology, and neuroscience.  Benazzouz’s primary motivation to write the book stems from a belief that we are approaching the apogee of the current technological revolution.


An extraordinary and enlightening exploration of innovation, and its profound impact on our species and society. The book is accessible, yet thought-provoking. It offers readers a fascinating insight into the relationship between innovation and human evolution. Whether you are a tech nerd, a history buff, or just curious about innovation and the future, this book encourages reflection and debate about the intricate relationship between innovation and the world we inhabit.


Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: An extraordinary and enlightening exploration of innovation, and its profound impact on our species and society.

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