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Aimee Hill

All The Gray In Between

Two clients, two deaths, one month apart.

Thirty-year-old therapist, Lexi, specialises in cases of child neglect and parental alienation, a form of abuse where one parent is intentionally negative towards the other parent. Lexi had a good childhood, but everything changed when her wealthy stepfather abused her during her teenage years. Lexi’s mother stuck with her husband, and abandoned Lexi when she reported the abuse to the police. Following her stepfathers conviction, Lexi was awarded millions of dollars in compensation, which meant she never had to work again. However, as a result of her own trauma, she was determined to help other children, and qualified as a therapist. Lexi has had an on-off relationship with Beau, a detective for the Key Sebastian Police Department, for many years. Beau was also neglected by his mother and abused as a child.  Lexi loves him deeply but is scared of commitment due to their troubled upbringings.   

When one of Lexi’s clients commits suicide, she wonders whether she could have done more to save her life. One month later, another client also commits suicide in similar circumstances. Lexi becomes suspicious and questions the cause of both deaths. Lexi believes there is foul play and starts to investigate the case with Beau. They find a connection between the deaths and a police officer, her own brother, and the son of one of her clients. Is there a serial killer on the loose? Or is someone targeting Lexi’s clients to get to her?

Meanwhile, Lexi thinks she is being followed, and her estranged mother pays her an unexpected visit.   Will Lexi and Beau solve the two mysterious deaths? Will Lexi forgive her mother? And can the couple leave their past behind them and move forward with their lives together?

All The Gray In Between is a harrowing, psychological thriller / crime mystery by author Aimee Hill.  Hill weaves a chilling tale of a therapist whose life takes a dark and twisted turn when two of her clients are found dead in mysterious circumstances. As Lexi, and her on-off partner, Beau investigates the case, old wounds are opened, and their relationship is put to the test.

With strong characters, and an original plot with plenty of twists and turns, this is a captivating read that was hard to put down. The twist at the end of the book was totally unexpected and made me reevaluate the whole story.   A must read for fans of psychological thrillers.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A harrowing, psychological thriller about a therapist whose life takes a dark and twisted turn when two of her clients are found dead.

Aimee Hill
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