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Kate Giles

Camp Cattitude

Crazy camp capers and cats with a cranky cattitude, by author Kate Giles

Camp Cattitude is the world’s top kitten camp, run by the formidable Meowmoiselle. Meowmoiselle trained all the top kittens, including the world’s Expert Sofa Shredder, the Olympic Napping Champion and the Fussiest Eater Alive, and was in high demand from all the cat moms. Camp Cattitude was bursting at the seams, much to the dismay of the neighbouring Rottweilers, when a little kitty named Snug, turned up at the door. Meowmoiselle was smitten by the kitten, and could not refuse to take him in. But Snug was no ordinary little kitten. He was well behaved. He did not follow the camp rules. He had no cattitude! One day, when Meowmoiselle was out shopping, the other kittens escape and wreak havoc in the neighbour’s garden. Little Snug is caught and faces the wrath of a raging Rottweiler. But rather than face-off with the Rottweiler, Snug tries a different approach. He works with the other kittens to repair the damage to the garden, and restores friendships with the warring neighbours. Snug teaches the other kittens an important lesson in kitty cattitude!

Camp Cattitude by author Kate Giles is a sweet and funny picture book about a crazy camp, for cute cats with a cranky cattitude. The book is a funny and enjoyable read and has a subtle message about kindness and the importance of not following the crowd. With lots of word play and cat puns, children will laugh out loud at the mischievousness little kittens, and their crazy antics.

The illustrations by Ben Chandler and Enile Reiner are simply delightful. With fabulous facial expressions and body language, and intricate details like the dog drinking a cup of tea and the comedy signs around the camp, the illustrations will amuse young readers and adults alike.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A sweet and funny picture book, with delightful illustrations. It was a joy to read.

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