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Jessica Dailey

My Tiny Pet Elephant

A fun picture book about a little girl and a most unusual pet, by author Jessica Dailey

If you could choose any type of tiny pet, what would you choose? A miniature pup? No! A miniscule kitten? No! A teeny rabbit? No! How about a tiny elephant? An elephant so small it can fit in your hand. Yes, yes, yes!

For one little girl, her wish is to own a tiny elephant of her very own. An elephant so small it could fit right in the palm of her hand. An elephant so small she could take it in her pocket to school. If she had a tiny elephant, she would play hide and seek with it, she would build him his very own tiny village, and she would read to him at bedtime. The best thing about owning an elephant is the tickles, cuddles, and kisses. Everyone needs a tiny elephant, they make the best of friends, but be careful, even though miniscule in proportions, they still make an enormous mess!

My Tiny Pet Elephant by author Jessica Dailey is a sweet, playful, and funny picture book, about a little girl with a vivid imagination. Young children are naturally curious and often ask the most random and unusual questions. This book will spark children’s imagination and encourage further creative conversations. If you could choose any type of tiny pet, what would you choose?

With further fun facts and interactive activities at the end of the book, this is a great resource to help parents, carers, and teachers, keep children active and engaged. The illustrations by Gabby Correia are stunning, colorful, and funny. The characters are adorable and will delight younger readers.

Star Rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A sweet, playful, and funny picture book, that will spark children’s imagination.

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