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Katie Jay

A Murder Most Vegan

There is a new amateur sleuth in town, by author Katie Jay

Cecilia, a fifty-something environmental health officer from Glenelg Council, Adelaide, is annoyed when a routine health inspection at The Vegan Café, is derailed by the presence of the cook sprawled out on the kitchen floor. Cecilia notices a bottle of vodka on the counter and presumes the cook has passed out from drinking too much alcohol. But when there is no response after she prods the cook with her stiletto heel, she realises there is something not quite right. The cook is pronounced dead, presumed murdered, by the police. The next day, Cecilia returns back to the café to help the police with their investigations, and using her skills of health and environmental safety investigations, notices a few things awry in the kitchen. Cecilia turns amateur detective and joins forces with Aldo Giovanni, a handsome police detective, to help solve the mystery. Who could possibly want to kill a peaceful vegan in a sleepy coastal town? And why does the owner of the café seem intent on publicising the death of her cook?

Murder most vegan, by author Katie Jay, is a charming cosy mystery novel, about a middle-aged woman from Adelaide who is thrown into the curious world of criminal investigation, following a death of a cook on her patch. Cecilia is a well-developed, likeable protagonist, and a charming amateur sleuth for a cosy murder mystery series. This is a light-hearted and funny novel, which will entertain adults and young adult readers. Well written, with a gripping plot, this book will appeal to readers who enjoy women's fiction and cosy mysteries. I hope there will be more investigations from amateur sleuth Cecilia, in the future.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A laugh out loud cosy mystery, with a charming new amateur sleuth.

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