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Kathleen J Shields

Kathleen J Shields

The First Unicorn

How the first unicorn got his horn.

A young colt named Aden was different to all the other horses. He liked to do good deeds, give to others, and bring good cheer. One day, after helping a nest of baby birds who were being hunted by a wild cat, Aden was approached by an angel. The angel told Aden that God had been watching him and was impressed by his kind actions. God gifted Aden a golden horn, on the condition that he shares his gift with others. But when Aden went to tell his herd of his extraordinary gift, they were not pleased. They thought the horn could be used as a weapon against them, and they chased him away. Aden traveled for miles and finally settled in a new home deep in the woods, where he shared his gift with all the woodland creatures. With his new horn, he helped a trapped turtle escape from a cavern, and an injured hedgehog who was unable to gather food. Aden was happy in his new home, giving and helping others. But one day, Aden learns that his mother has been severely injured by a wolf. He returns home to his herd and prays to God to perform a miracle. God answers his prayers, and his mother recovers from her injuries. The herd, keen to learn from Aden’s miracle, soon become a herd of unicorns, sharing Gods word.

The First Unicorn by Kathleen J. Shields is a thought-provoking Christian graphic novel for middle grade readers. Partly inspired by the movie ‘The Last Unicorn,’ Shields tells the story of the first unicorn and how the horn was a gift from God for demonstrating love, kindness, and goodness. Beautifully written in rhyme, with charming illustrations and an endearing protagonist, this book is a great way to engage younger children in conversations about faith.

Overall, an enchanting story that explores the origins of the mythical creature that has captured the human imagination for centuries. The book will appeal to Christian readers, and anyone with an interest in these beautiful, mythical creatures.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: An enchanting story, beautifully written in rhyme, with charming illustrations and an endorsing protagonist.

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