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Elizabeth M Grieco

Elizabeth M Grieco

Paws in Paris: The Adventures of Tenny and Bella

An exciting cat adventure through the streets of Paris, by Elizabeth M Grieco

Journalist Sarah has been offered a new job in Paris. Sarah accepts the position on the condition she can take her two beloved cats with her, Tenny and Bella. After a long flight from Atlanta to Paris, Sarah and her two cats arrive in Paris, but no sooner have they found their new apartment, Sarah receives an urgent call and has to travel to Berlin for an important job. Tenny and Bella are left alone and scared in a new apartment in a strange city, under the watchful eye of their new neighbour Mme Gautier. But Mme Gautier accidently leaves a window open, and the two cats go outside to explore the garden. With new sights and sounds all around them, the frightened cats escape the garden and find themselves lost in the streets of Paris. They meet a tomcat, Mephisto, and ask for his help to find their way home. Mephisto takes the cats to meet his friends Cleo, Maurice, and Seraphine, who advise the only way back is to seek assistance from Pierre le Matou, the notorious leader of the brutal Graveyard Gang. The cats are scared but agree to find Le Matou and fight their way into his secret hideout. But before their journey can begin, Tenny is catnapped by a struggling artist as a gift for his wife, and Bella is hit by a motorbike and seriously injured. How will Tenny escape from the artist who thinks she is a stray? Will Bella recover from her injuries and ever see Tenny again? And will the pair ever find Le Matou and their way back home to Sarah?

Paws in Paris: The Adventures of Tenny and Bella is a sweet and charming book for young independent readers by Elizabeth M Grieco. With two adorable cats, an intriguing plot, and a wonderful Parisian setting, this book will appeal to those who like animal stories and travel adventures. The book opens with Sarah and her husband Mark as they notice a painting from a famous artist featuring their beloved cat Tenny. How on earth did their beloved cat find her way into a famous painting? This is a great opening for a story, and will leave readers thinking of all possible scenarios. What follows, is an unexpected and exciting cat adventure through the streets of Paris. Readers will be engaged and entertained, as they root for Tenny and Bella, and at the same time learn about the magnificent city of Paris.

The first chapter would make a fantastic prompt for parents, carers, or teachers, to encourage children to tell their own version of the story and engage them in imaginative thinking and creative writing.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A sweet and charming story, with two adorable cats, an intriguing plot, and a wonderful Parisian setting.

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