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Regan Walker

Regan Walker

Bound by Honor

Two young men become comrades in life and in battle, by author Regan Walker

In 1286, following the death of the King of Scots, Scottish lords meet in secret at Turnberry Castle, to discuss the successor to Scotland’s throne. The lords pledge their allegiance to Robert the Noble, a direct descendant of King David. Fourteen-year-old Angus Og Macdonald, who has travelled to Turnberry Castle with his father, the Lord of the Isles, meets a young Robert Bruce, the grandson of Robert the Noble. The two young men become good friends and Angus promises to stand by the Bruce’s and his loyal friend, the future heir to the Scottish crown.

A few years later, Angus meets and falls in love with Aine, a young widow and daughter of an Irish Lord, Cumee O’Cahan. Following the death of his father, and the brutal murder of his elder brother, Alexander, Angus takes over the lordship of the Isles. Angus is thrust into matters of state and war, as tensions rise between the warring Scottish clans and the English overlord, King Edward 1. After several years of courtship, Angus and Aine finally marry and start a family, but their lives together are often disrupted as Angus joins his loyal friend and comrade Robert Bruce, as they battle for Scottish independence and Bruce’s rightful position as the King of Scots.

Bound by Honor by Regan Walker is a medieval fiction novel about the battle for Scottish independence during the early thirteenth century. Historically accurate, with imaginative storytelling from Walker to fill the gaps in historical records, this is an authentic, meticulously researched, and cleverly crafted historical novel. Walker describes the Scottish and Irish landscapes and bird life beautifully. The battle scenes are brutal and intense, but depicted honestly and sensitively. The characters are authentic and memorable, and the love scenes are intimate and tender. Walkers’ beautiful storytelling, and skilful juxtaposition of love and war, make this novel a compelling and captivating read, for fans of medieval fiction and other genres.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: An authentic, meticulously researched, and cleverly crafted historical fiction novel of love and war.

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