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J Paul Rieger Jr

J Paul Rieger Jr

The Big Comb Over

A wild satirical comedy about one extended Baltimore family.

It’s 2050 and forty-something Robbie is attempting another DNA test, following several botched results. He is keen to learn more about his ancestry after joining a book circle and learning more about his friends lineage. While contemplating his odd DNA results, Robbie reflects on his life and precious memories of his childhood spent with his brother, cousins, and uncles. He remembers deep, spiritual conversations with his late uncle,  Tim Elders (Tim, Tim). Tim  had a long history of drug abuse and mental health issues, and Robbie’s parents discouraged contact between them. Robbie recalls happy memories of Tim, who shared extraordinary stories of their long family history. Tim said he could trace the family tree back to biblical times, and claimed the family had special superpowers to help and heal others. Robbie thinks about his strange DNA results and remembers a time when he saved a girl from drowning, even though he could not swim himself. He wonders whether Tim’s stories were in fact true all along.

As Robbie further ponders his life, he remembers a particularly special trip with his uncles and nephews to London, when his Uncle Stefan married a distant member of the British royal family. As the men and boys explored the sights and sounds of London, they found themselves in a few sticky situations with the police, radical environmental groups, and neo-Nazi gangs.

The Big Comb Over is a satirical comedy by author J. P. Rieger about a Baltimore family, and the special bond between brothers, uncles, cousins, and nephews. Spanning multiple timelines and incorporating multiple perspectives, the book takes readers on a hilarious journey through the lives of one extended family. During one overseas trip, the family stumble through a series of misadventures, whereby readers will simultaneously scratch their heads and laugh-out-loud uncontrollably.

If you are in the mood for a laugh-out-loud comedy that defies reason and revels in ridiculousness, this book is for you!

Star rating: 5 Stars 

Summary: A hilarious satirical comedy about the special bond between brothers, uncles, cousins, and nephews, and their many misadventures.

J Paul Rieger Jr
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