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Bryan Asher

Bryan Asher

The Treasure of Lor-Rev

Another gripping fantasy fiction adventure, set in the Intercontinents, by author Bryan Asher

On the Intercontinent of Lor-Rev, Jared Dareje, an explorer, and collector of digital artefacts, is searching in the deserted mountains of Kal for a prototype model of the SatellaField Personal Station. When he finds the devise hidden in a cave and takes it away, he sees a projection of the late Johan Naoki, the man who created the device and the owner SatellaField, and a stark warning meant for someone, or something called Daemon.

Daemon, an android built by Johan, has evolved into a cybernetic demigod. He has escaped the digital cage where he has been imprisoned, and he needs the Personal Station to link up with three other devises, to achieve his goal of enslaving humanity. But first he must find others who can help him on his mission, and he has engineered microscopic nanites to ensure that those he recruits will participate, willingly or otherwise. Meanwhile, Johan’s granddaughter Kanna, receives an alert that the device has been taken. Kanna must find and retrieve the devise before Daemon pairs the devise with the others and destroys the whole of humanity.

The Treasure of Lor-Rev is the second book in a series, and another gripping fantasy fiction adventure from author Bryan Asher. With unique and memorable characters, an enticing plot, and a rich and imaginative setting, the second book in the series does not disappoint.

The book stands alone, and can be read without reading the first book, The Assassin of Malcoze, but the two books together create an imaginative and mesmerising fantasy world.

Star Rating: 5 Stars


‘A rich and imaginative fantasy fiction novel, with unique and memorable characters. A FINALIST and highly recommended.’

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