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Scott Swisher


Ring Fold

Author Scott Swisher takes readers on a time travelling adventure

A stream of massive earthquakes wreak havoc across the world. The tremors are so large they alter the Earth’s axis, and create a dimensional fold that acts as a gateway across time to the fourth dimension. The U.S. Special Intelligence found that some gifted individuals could transport back in time, and back to the present, through the fold. They discovered that these individuals had a special blood type, which enabled them to transport across the fold. Some of these individuals were captured and experimented on, in an attempt to replicate their blood. But some escaped and sent their children to live in different eras, in order to protect them. These people were known as ‘the Ring’, protectors of the fold.Jordan Zesker is experiencing strange buzzing in her ear, forces tugging at her limbs, and the worst migraine she has ever experienced, when she is approached by a man named Jacob, who claims to be her mentor. She is suddenly pulled by Jacob into the fourth dimension, where she learns she has the special blood type which enables her to travel across time. She also discovers she is one of only five descendants linked to ‘The Ring’. Jacob recruits Jordan to track down the other four descendants, on a mission to save humanity. Jordan has to transport to different eras of human history, the 1950’s, 1970’s, 1980’s, and 2010’s to find the descendants. Together, they face an epic battle to safeguard the future of humanity.

Ring Fold is an exciting sci-fiction, time-travelling adventure, by author Scott Swisher. This is a unique and imaginative story, packed full of action and adventure. The reader is transported across different historical periods, where they meet a range of diverse characters. Each time period is meticulously researched, the characters are authentic, and the descriptions of clothing, music and environments are realistic.

This is a fun, entertaining and engaging read, that will appeal to young adult readers and adults who enjoy sci-fi and time-travelling adventures.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: An exciting sci-fiction, time-travelling novel, packed full of action and adventure.

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