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Angie Bailey



Abigale believes there is more to life than the dull, grey world she inhabits, by author Angie Bailey

Thirteen-year-old Abigale Johnson was born into a family of Never-Believers. A family who did not believe in Christmas, or birthdays, or fun, adventure or magic. A family whose life was dull and grey. But Abigale was a little different from the Johnson’s. She had dreams of a better life, and a life a little less grey. So Abigale spent most her time tyring to avoid her family, particularly her brothers who were the meanest of the mean, and teased and taunted Abigale every single day.

One day, on a dreaded train trip to visit her despicable and very grey Aunt Violet, Abigale’s life changes for ever. After a knock on the head, Abigale discovers an alternate Fae world of wonder and magic, fae-folk, and Believers. Whizzing along on the Faedora magic train, Abigale meets lots of new friends and discovers Christmas and other wonderful celebrations. At thirteen, Abigale has her first ever birthday party, full of love and laughter. But not everyone on the magical train is happy with Abigale’s arrival, and they plot a sinister spell to extract her from the train during the next pink moon, putting her life in mortal danger. As Abigale’s new friends try to save her from doom, they soon discover Abigale has some important royal connections, and even her despicable Aunt Violet is not quite who she seems.

Believe is an imaginative and enchanting novel. Well written by Angie Bailey and full of wonder, mystery and magic, the book has fabulous characters and a magnificent plot. This book will captivate both adults and younger readers. The book is the first part of a series, and we can’t wait to read the next instalment in Abigale’s magical journey.

Star Rating: 5 Stars


‘An enchanting novel, with fabulous characters and a magnificent plot. This book will captivate both adults and younger readers.’ A FINALIST and highly recommended.’

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