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Vassi Rombis

Vassi Rombis

Story Swapping A Family Tradition

Kali’s exciting storytelling adventure, by author Vassi Rombis

It’s a big day at school for Kalianne (Kali), as it’s her turn for ‘Show ‘n Share’. She is a little nervous and has butterflies in her tummy, but she tells her classmates about her family tradition of reading stories with her mom at bedtime, snuggled under her story quilt. Kali’s mom tells her stories of all the amazing adventures she has at work and on her travels. Kali tells her teacher that she would like to share a story with her mom, but she has nothing interesting or exciting to share. Kali’s teacher reminds her of all the wonderful activities she has taken part in throughout her day at school, and Kali has an idea. She doesn’t want to tell her story like her mom, she wants to do something a little different, and decides to paint a picture of her story. Kali’s mom enjoys her story so much, that they start a new family tradition of story swapping, where mother and daughter both share their stories with each other at bedtime.

Story Swapping a Family Tradition is a sweet picture book by author Vassi Rombis, about a little girl, Kali, who loves to listen to her mom’s stories at bedtime. But Kali is keen to join in the storytelling and would like to tell her mom a story. Struggling to find an idea for a story, Kali builds up the courage to ask a teacher for help, and comes up with a unique idea to share her story. This is a fun and engaging book, which will encourage young children to tell their own stories, in their own way, encouraging creativity, imagination and storytelling.

With bright, digital illustrations by Frances Rose Español, and a cute, relatable, main character, this is a perfect bedtime story for little ones, and may even inspire families to start their own bedtime storytelling tradition!

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A sweet picture book that will encourage young children, to tell their own stories, in their own way, encouraging creativity, imagination and storytelling

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