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Teddy Biron

Teddy Biron

The Lighthouse Keeper Saves the Bay

Author and illustrator Teddy Biron shows the devastating impact humans have on the ocean and wildlife.

An old lighthouse keeper wakes up early every day, to say hello to all the creatures that live in the bay. Nothing much happens in the quiet bay, he hangs out his laundry, and watches the boats gently drift in the dock. But, in the midst of darkness, as the lighthouse switches on its lights to protect the ships, there is an unwelcome visitor to the bay. He tips a vat of oil and trash into the ocean, and slips away again under the cover of darkness. When the lighthouse keeper wakes the next day, he notices the mess and the devastation caused to the bay and the sea life. He starts to clean up the mess straightaway, and is soon followed by others who join in the clean-up mission. Slowly, the creatures return, and the bay is brought back to life. Sadly, the old man knows it won’t be the last time he has to clean up someone else’s discarded trash.

The Lighthouse Keeper Saves the Bay, by author and illustrator Teddy Biron, is a beautiful story, with an important message about the devastating impact humans have on the ocean and wildlife. It will encourage young children and adults to take responsibility for their own actions, and clean up after themselves. But it will also encourage positive action to help out when others fail to play their part in cleaning up their own mess.

The illustrations are simply stunning and really bring the story to life. They beautifully capture the serenity of the bay, the magnificent wildlife, the horror of the face-less hooded man, and the devastation caused after the trash is dumped.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: This is a beautiful story, with an important environmental message and stunning illustrations.

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