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Scott Smallwood

Scott Smallwood

Monkey and Bug's Night at The Corn Stand Jam

A little dog realises he is not alone, and receives much needed support from his friends, by author Scott Smallwood

Monkey the dog, and Bug the cat, are best friends from a small town in Ohio. Monkey was adopted into a loving family home, but sometimes felt sad and lonely. He missed his friends from the kennels, and his older sister didn’t want to play with him. Bug knew Monkey was unhappy, and he suggested they go for a walk together to the park to meet his friends and family. At the park, Monkey met Bugs friends and tried out lots of new activities, like yoga, skateboarding, and painting, which made Monkey feel happy inside and less sad. When Monkey meets a woman in a wheelchair, he is happy when he learns that she is proud of her abilities, and that she feels loved and supported by many people. Then he meets more of Bug’s friends, who play music on the Corn-Jam Stand, to help spread happiness for people when they are feeling a little sad. Monkey learns from his new friends that it is okay not to feel okay, which made him feel a little less alone. Monkey has a little boogie with all his new friends, and knows he has plenty of people to talk to, the next time he feels sad.

Monkey and Bug's Night at The Corn Stand Jam is a wonderful picture book by author Scott Smallwood about inclusion, and mental health and wellbeing. Despite having a loving and supportive family, Monkey feels sad and alone sometimes. Through trying new activities, meeting new and different people, and talking to others, Monkey learns that everyone feels sad and lonely from time to time, and it is okay not to be okay. He learns the importance of talking to others, sharing problems, as well as the importance of letting go and having fun. This book will help to open up conversations with young readers and their parents or carers, and will encourage them to talk about their thoughts and feelings. The book deals with mental health issues in a simple, engaging and effective way, that young readers will relate to.

Inspired by the real Christian’s Corn Stand Jam, proceeds of this book go to charity. This is an engaging and insightful book, with an important message that will benefit readers of all ages, and support a much deserved charity.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A wonderful picture book that deals with mental health issues in a simple, effective and engaging way.

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