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Sarah Sparks

Sarah Sparks

The Bounciest Monster on Mill Street

Becks bounces all the way to the stars and back.

Becks is the bounciest monster on Mill Street. She loves to twirl and giggle, dance and giggle. She loves to have fun and never sits still.  One day, Becks feels like she might explode. She bounces down Mill Street and through the playground. She bounces through the mud and splashes into the pond. She gets so excited, she bounces high into the sky, off the planet Mars, and zooms across space. She flies past the sun before crashing back down to earth with a bang. Poor little Becks is dazed and confused and has a sore noggin from all the bouncing. As she cleans up her mess, she thinks she needs to bounce a little less. She finds a new sport to work off all of her energy, and she even finds time to relax a little bit now and then. But Becks will be Becks, and she is still the bounciest monster in Mill Street.

The Bounciest Monster on Mill Street is part of the Monster on Mill Street series by Sarah Sparks. This book follows the adventures of Becks, who like many children just cannot sit still. She has lots of energy and loves to bounce, but after a fun-filled day full of bouncing, Becks has a terrible headache. Becks learns that she needs to burn off a lot of energy, but she also needs to rest. Ultimately, she needs balance in life to stay happy and healthy.

The book and the series teach young children important lessons in life. Beck’s story is a reminder to have fun, but to have fun safely. It is also a reminder to slow down occasionally and take those well-deserved breaks. The book is beautifully written in rhyme and has lots of alliteration that young children love.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A charming picture book about a little monster who cannot sit still.

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