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Samantha Reynolds

Samantha Reynolds

Help Me Be Me

A thought-provoking picture book about children’s emotional well-being, by author Samantha Reynolds.

Help Me Be Me by author Samantha Reynolds is an engaging, powerful, and thought-provoking picture book about children’s emotional health and well-being. The book serves as a valuable resource for parents seeking to understand and foster their children’s emotional wellbeing. Written from the child’s perspective, the book follows the journey of a child as they navigate the world around them, and the complex landscape of emotions they experience. The story is accompanied by vivid illustrations, which depict the child’s feelings, needs and emotions. Through the story, parents can initiate meaningful conversations with their children about their feelings and emotions. The book provides valuable advice on how parents can support their children to be themselves, and how to express and manage these emotions in a supportive and healthy way.

The enchanting illustrations by Jessica Hiemstra, make this book a must-have for every parent’s bookshelf. Whilst the book is primarily aimed at parents, the engaging artwork also serves as an excellent tool for helping young children recognise and understand their own feelings.  The language is clear and accessible, making it easy for both adults and children to engage with the material.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A nurturing guide for parents, offering tools and insights needed to raise emotionally resilient children.

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