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Ruthie Godfrey

Ruthie Godfrey

Grandpa's Lessons on Fishing and Life

Lessons for fishing and lessons for life, by author Ruthie Godfrey

Author Ruthie Godfrey describes her love of fishing in this wonderful picture book for younger readers. With thirteen key lessons for any budding fishing enthusiast, which include: planning and preparation, listening and learning from your teacher or guide, using the right tools, prioritising safety, keeping going when things get tough, staying patient, changing tactics if needed, not reacting too quickly, taking chances when you can, only keeping what you need, capturing memories, looking after equipment, and sharing wealth. These lessons will not only help youngsters preparing for a fishing expedition, but they will also help them prepare for other activities, or challenges they might experience in other areas of life.

This is a wonderful picture book for younger children by author Ruthie Godfrey, which captures the joy of fishing in a simple, fun, and engaging way for young readers. Educational and entertaining, sweet and funny, this book was a joy to read.

The watercolour style illustrations by Pable D’Alio are charming and funny. The special relationship between a boy and his grandfather, and the precious time they spend together fishing, is captured beautifully.

This book will appeal to readers who enjoy fishing, and other outdoor adventures. It might also encourage those who have never tried fishing to give it a go.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A wonderful picture book about fishing and life, which is educational and entertaining, sweet and funny. A joy to read!

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