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Ron Keres

Ron Keres

This Book Is Perfect!

Readers, please make sure you wash your hands before reading this book!

Most people think that frogs are dirty and slimy creatures. But most people have probably not met Finn the Frog! Finn is the cleanest and tidiest frog you could ever meet. Finn is so clean and tidy he doesn’t want readers spoiling his pristine book. He doesn’t want their grubby little hands touching and staining the perfect, pure white pages. Finn’s book is perfect, and he would like to keep it that way, thank you.

So, how can Finn stop readers destroying his perfect book? How can he stop them staining the pages with cheesy puff-stained orange fingers, purple grape juice drips, and sticky pink gum? But it gets worse, the stains and the drips and the gum, are attracting pesky, dirty little flies. Urgh, Finn does not know what to do! If he squishes the flies, he will make even more mess. If he tries to vacuum up the flies, he could create even more damage. What is a frog to do? Hmm, now let me think. What’s a frog’s favourite snack again?

This Book is Perfect, by author Ron Keres, is a fun picture book about an adorable, but neurotic, little frog with an obsession with cleanliness and tidiness. I particularly enjoyed the participative element of the book, as Finn talks directly to the reader throughout. Finn’s increasing annoyance and frustration as readers mess up his pages, will humor readers of all ages.

I really enjoyed the illustrations by Arthur Lin, and the gradual transition from pristine, perfect white pages, to bright, colourful, stained, pages.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: Another unique and funny picture book, by a talented author-illustrator duo.

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