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Ron Keres

Ron Keres

It's Not That 'Big a Deal'

Author Ron Keres reminds us to keep things in perspective, in It’s not that ‘Big a Deal’

The smallest things can often cause the biggest stress, for both adults and children. Spilling something, forgetting something, making a mess, or making a mistake. These things happen and are frustrating, but there are much more important things in life to worry about. So, in the grand scheme of things, it is not such a big deal, is it? Keres reminds us not to worry about the little things, but to focus instead on what is really important in life, such as family, love, togetherness and being there for one another.

This is a cute, well written children’s picture book. Both children and parents will enjoy reading this together and will relate to the real-life situations presented by Keres. A number of typical scenarios are presented, such as accidently spilling the milk on a table, or dropping a lamp on the floor in a store. It will encourage conversations between children and parents that everyone makes mistakes, that it is okay to make mistakes, and we all need to try and learn from our mistakes. It will encourage adults to reflect on their own behaviours and reactions to situations, and to remind them to stay calm and to keep things in perspective.

Arthur Lin’s wonderful and funny illustrations bring the story and characters to life perfectly.

Star Rating: 5 Stars


‘A cute children’s picture book that will encourage readers to focus on the important things in life. A FINALIST and highly recommended.’

Ron Keres
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