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Rob Sudano

Rob Sudano

Owl B Blue on Easter Day

Owl B. Blue learns the true meaning of Easter.

It is Easter morning, and Owl B. Blue hurries downstairs to find colored eggs. But rather than feeling happy, Blue feels down. He is sad because he was told in church that Jesus had died. Ma Owl and Pa Owl comfort Blue and explain that Jesus died on the cross, but rose on the third day and now reigns in heaven. Blue is happy that Jesus is alive and shares the news with everyone he meets. Blue meets a new owl named Purple and explains that Jesus is still alive. Purple already knows that Jesus is alive, and Blue is curious how she heard the news. Purple gives Blue a bible, which tells the story of how Jesus died to free us from sin and rose from the dead. Blue promises to read the bible from beginning to end, and Blue and Purple celebrate their Christianity.

Owl B. Blue on Easter Day is a delightful and beautifully crafted picture book by author and illustrator Rob Sudano. Written in rhyme, the book tells the story of Jesus’s death and resurrection in a simple and engaging way that young readers will easily understand. The illustrations are bright, vibrant, and captivating for young audiences, and Owl B. Blue is a fun and charming character. The book will make an excellent resource for parents, carers and educators seeking to teach younger people the significance of Easter within the Christian faith.

The book brings the joy and excitement of Easter to life and is sure to become a family-Easter-time favorite.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A joyful resource to help children understand and appreciate the true meaning of Easter.

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