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Reesa Shayne

Reesa Shayne

I Breathe For Me

Inhale. Exhale. Breathe.

A little girl learns how to use her breath to navigate through life. Her breath is a gift. Her breath is a friend. Her breath is a tool she uses to get through tough situations. Inhale. Exhale. Breathe. When she is sitting a test or having a tough lesson at school; when she is nervous or scared; or when she faces a difficult challenge, like climbing a rocky hill. She uses her inner strength and breath to get her through, even when she knows she might fail. She uses her breath to relax, calm herself and remind herself she is doing okay and that everything will be fine.

I Breathe for Me is an inspiring and empowering picture book by Reesa Shayne, beautifully illustrated by Uttara Garg. The book will help children understand the importance and positive benefits of breath work and meditation, in a simple, engaging, accessible and age-appropriate way. It is a great resource for parents, carers and educators to help build confidence, self-esteem and resilience amongst younger children. It will help children understand and recognise their own feelings and emotions, and will encourage them to practice breathing techniques and self-care.

With further resources, breathing exercises and positive affirmations at the end of this book, the book will help young children to find their own breath and inner strength.  


The illustrations are simply delightful. The little girl is a sweet, charming and relatable character, and her journey will inspire younger readers.

Star rating: 5 Stars 

Summary:  An inspiring and empowering picture book to help children understand the importance and positive benefits of breath work meditation.

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