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Once Upon a Dance

Once Upon a Dance

Franie's Wish: A Wander in the Wonder

Another fabulous adventure in the Once Upon a Dance series

Frankie’s Wish: A Wander in the Wonder, tells the story of Frankie, who lives on the magical island of Anorac. There is a legend on the island, that a magic blue feather would grant a birthday wish to the lucky person who finds it. On the day of Frankie’s special birthday, Frankie sets out on a quest to find the magic feather. Frankie’s wish is to become a famous dancer, and hopes to find the feather to make the wish come true. Frankie catches a ferry and arrives at a mysterious forest. With a little help from a number of forest friends, an eagle, a T-Rex, and a gorilla, Frankie must solve the clues hidden throughout the forest to find the magic blue feather. The final task is to ‘dance your journey’ and Frankie decides to dance the day from the beginning, from entering the forest, to meeting the forest creatures. Frankie reflects on the forest journey and realises that what is most important in life is friendship, family, and adventure. Will Frankie find the magic blue feather? And what will he wish for?

Frankie's Wish: A Wander in the Wonder is a children’s picture book in the Once Upon a Dance series. Once Upon a Dance, is a unique and creative concept with Ballerina Konora narrating the story through movement and dance. Frankie is a gender neutral and relatable character, who will appeal to young children who love adventure and fantasy stories. Frankie learns important life lessons throughout the journey, which will encourage self-belief and confidence in young children. The digital illustrations are bold, bright, and engaging.

Konora provides prompts and ideas for readers to act out the story, and encourages readers to use their own imagination and experiment with new movements. With photographs to accompany each movement, the book encourages active participation in the story through movement and creativity. This book is a great resource for children, parents and carers, and teachers, and will encourage readers to experiment with movement and dance.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A fabulous interactive picture book, which will inspire movement and creativity in young children.

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