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Nicole Frankel

Nicole Frankel

What are bees good for anyway?

Bennie learns the importance of honeybees for our planet and people.

One day, Bennie is stung by a bee while playing in the garden with his brother and sister. Bennie hates bees after his brother was stung and had an allergic reaction, and after a colony of bees built a hive in his favourite tree. Bennie asks, What are bees good for, anyway? Bennie’s Aunt Beatrice takes him on a walk to learn about all the other wonderful things that bee’s do. Bennie learns how bee’s dance to communicate with other bees, how fast they flap their wings and travel for long distances, their anatomy and how they have two stomachs, and the importance of honeybees to the ecosystem. Aunt Beatrice also explains that bees are not naturally aggressive, and only sting when they feel threatened. As Bennie tucks into his dinner that evening, he talks about his walk with his Aunt, and how bees are important for life. UnBEElievable!

What are bees good for, anyway? by author Nicole Frankel is an illustrated picture book about a little boy who doesn’t like bees, and his wonder when he discovers the importance of bees to our planet and people. This is a fantastic picture book for younger age readers, that will help children understand bees, and their contribution to the environment and ecosystem.  With lots of interesting bee facts and figures (Did you know, bees have 3 million hairs on their bodies that attract pollen?!) this book will captivate and fascinate younger readers.  The book introduces complicated words and topics, such as anatomy and ecosystem, in an engaging and accessible way for younger aged children. It will help younger children build new vocabulary and knowledge and will hopefully inspire a love for nature and conservation.

Star rating: 5 Stars         


Summary: A fun, entertaining and educational picture book, for young readers, bee enthusiasts and budding conservationists.

Nicole Frankel
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