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Nadia Khan

Nadia Khan

Zoey Wonders Why

Zoey is proud to share her cultural heritage at her new school, by author Nadia Khan

Five-year-old Zoey is starting school in September, but she is a little worried about the homework she has been set. The children have been asked to tell their family stories, and to share their culture and food with the class. Zoey is confused. Her parents are from India and Pakistan in South Asia, and Nigeria in Africa. Zoey was born in the United States, so she asks her mommy, What am I? Who am I? Zoey is confused and is worried she will not remember when she has to share her story with the class.

When school starts, Zoey listens to the other children tell their family stories and is looking forward to tasting all the delicious food they have brought in to eat. She gets over-excited and disrupts the class, and the teacher sends a letter home to her parents. Her mommy talks to her, and explains the importance of staying calm and being kind. With a little help from her mommy, and her brothers Zaky and Max, Zoey prepares the food to share with her class, delicious samosas with aloo and rice. But, Zoey gets over-excited again and pushes her brother over to taste the food. The next day, its Zoey’s turn. She is proud to tell the story of her family, and shares her food with the class.

Zoey Wonders Why by author Nadia Khan is a sweet story about a little girl who is daunted by starting school and sharing her family story with her class. She is proud of her rich cultural heritage, but it is complicated and confusing for a little girl to understand. As she learns more about her family history, she also learns about the importance of showing kindness to her friends and brothers. The book has several themes, ie, starting school, family culture and history, making and sharing food, relationships with brothers, behaviour at school.

Overall, this is a lovely picture book, which will help younger children learn about different cultures and will encourage them to show kindness to others

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A sweet picture book, with an important message about cultural diversity, and showing kindness to others.

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