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Melitta Santos

Melitta Santos

Fini: The beauty of a broken shell

A little turtle finds her inner beauty, by author Melitta Santos

One day, Fini the turtle is out walking when she trips over and breaks her shell. Fini thinks she is ugly, and no one will want to play with her because of her broken shell. Her friend, Jack the Jaguar, comforts Fini and offers to help her find someone to fix her shell. They meet Boris the Tapir who tries to fix Fini’s shell with an aquatic plant, but it is too big for the little turtle. Next, they meet Tim the Armadillo, who suggests a coconut shell, but it is too little for Fini’s shell. They meet Bea the Bee, but she can’t help and takes the to see Ana the spider. Ana has a solution, but it will take five long days to fix Fini’s shell. Fini and her new friends stay with Ana while she starts to work, and they have lots of fun, games, food and laughter. Ana makes Fini a magic nanduti, a brightly coloured, pretty lace cover for her shell. Fini is delighted with the nanduti, and Ana explains that it doesn’t fully cover her scars and reflects the inner beauty of the wearer. Fini not only has a beautiful nanduti, but also has four new friends.

Fini: The Beauty of a Broken Shell by author Melitta Santos is a sweet and charming, illustrated picture book about a little pond turtle who goes in search of a new shell, when her shell is cracked after a fall. As Fini embarks on her journey, she meets lots of new friends, and soon discovers the importance of friendships, and that real beauty comes from within. The book teaches younger children about the wildlife and cultural heritage of Paraguay. With further information about each character and their values, and information about the nanduti, this book is a wonderful resource for parents, carers and teachers. The book will encourage young children to find their inner beauty and will help to develop confidence and self-esteem in young children.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A sweet and charming picture book with important life lessons that will help to develop confidence and self-esteem in young children.

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