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Marlyn Bandiero

Dante's Cool Wheels Book 2 Believe, Achieve

Marlyn Bandiero


A wheely adventure with a dog and his human best friend.

Dante's Cool Wheels Book 2 Believe, Achieve tells the story of a dog name Dante, who cannot walk using his back legs, due to a spinal injury when he was young. Dante’s parents tried everything to help him walk, such as swimming and therapy, but nothing worked. One day, Dante was given a surprise set of wheels, and as soon as he got into the chair, he was able to walk and run again. The wheels changed Dante’s life, he was happy he could finally play and be himself. But it wasn’t easy for Dante at first, the other dogs didn’t know what to make of the wheels and were reluctant to play with him. When Dante meets a young boy named Freddie, who also uses a wheelchair, the two became best of friends. The two friends spend lots of time together, playing and exploring in the park. Dante didn’t let anything stop him from playing and having fun, and he inspired Freddie to play basketball. It wasn’t easy for Freddie, as other children didn’t want to play with him, but he soon found a wheelchair basketball team who welcomed him with open arms.

Dante's Cool Wheels Book 2 Believe, Achieve by author Marlyn Bandiero is a heartwarming and inspiring picture book for younger aged readers. The book follows the story of a dog named Dante, and his human best friend, Freddie. Both human and canine use a wheelchair and experience similar obstacles, but their special friendship transcends their physical abilities. The duo support one another and help each other conquer their own unique challenges. Based on a real-life story, the book celebrates the special relationship between humans and canines, and shows that with love, determination and teamwork, anything is possible.

Through Dante’s and Freddie’s story, young readers will learn about diversity and inclusion, and the importance of treating others with empathy, kindness, and respect. The illustrations are vibrant and expressive and beautifully capture the special bond between Dante and Freddie.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A heartwarming and memorable story of an inspirational dog named Dante, and his special friendship with a boy named Freddie.

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