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Margaret Grote

Margaret Grote

I Like Mud

A fun collection of poetry for young readers, and the young at heart.

I Like Mud and other poems for the young and young-at-heart is a collection of fourteen poems by author Margaret Grote, Illustrated by Marcia Wheelan Coles. The poems cover a wide range of fun topics, such as ‘I Like the Beach’, ‘The Ice Cream Man’, ‘My Dog’, ‘My Friends’, and ‘I Like Mud’. Each poem is short and succinct (one to two pages), and easy to read. Perfect for younger readers. My favourite is ‘My Friends’, ‘In my room I have many friends, You’ll find them hiding everywhere…. I bet you know who my friends are, They all live here, they are my books.’

The poems have a beautiful lyrical quality and young readers will enjoy reading them out loud with parents or carers. They describe simple childhood pleasures, playing, having fun, and spending time with family, and will spark children’s imagination and creativity.

The poems were written by Margaret Grote (1922—2005) and published by her son, David. This is a beautiful collection of poems, and a loving tribute to a talented poet.

The collection offers a wonderful variety of poems. There is something for everyone, boys and girls, young and old. The poems are sweet, simple and delightful. Each one was a joy to read.

The pastel, whimsical illustrations by Marcia Wheelan Coles are simply stunning.

This is an excellent introduction to poetry for children, and I hope it will inspire a love of reading and a love of poetry.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A fun collection of poems, by a much loved and talented poet.

Margaret Grote
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