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Lynne Harley

Lynne Harley

What If You Could?

Will a little caterpillar fulfil his dreams of traveling the world?

A little caterpillar is busy doing what little caterpillars do, when he hears his inner voice telling him it is time for something new. Little caterpillar feels lonely, discontent, and blue, and longs for a more fun and fulfilled life. His inner voice urges him to be whatever he would love to be, and to do whatever makes him happy. The inner voice is as warm as sunshine and encourages the caterpillar to let his imagination run free, and to dream big. The caterpillar dreams of flying through the sky and travelling across the world. He dreams of being bright and colourful, and being admired by people wherever he goes. But when the caterpillar wakes from his slumber, another inner voice tells him to give up on his foolish dreams. This voice is cold and mean and has nothing positive to say. The caterpillar is disheartened and discouraged. As the caterpillar goes to bed each night, he is reminded by the warm, loving voice to believe in himself, and never give up. Which voice will the caterpillar listen to? And will the little caterpillar realize his dreams?

What If You Could? by Lynne Harley, is an illustrated picture book about a little caterpillar who wants a better and more fulfilled life. As he contemplates his future, he is influenced by two inner voices. One voice is warm, loving, and positive, and encourages him to dream big. The other voice is cold, mean, and negative, and dissuades him for following his dreams. This is a sweet, heartwarming, and inspiring book that introduces the concept of our inner thoughts and emotions to very young children.

Written in rhyme, with beautiful whimsical illustrations by Kiram Akram, the book will help young readers to understand their own thoughts and feelings and will encourage them to follow their dreams.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: An inspiring and captivating book that helps young readers navigate the complex world of inner thoughts and emotions.

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