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Kimberly A Perry

Kimberly A Perry

Finley the Fairy

Finley the Fairy escapes the forest to explore the human world.

When all of the other fairies are tucked up in bed, Finley the Fairy sneaks out of her tree house, travels through the dark forest, and ventures into town.  She finds a welcoming home, and with a little help from a garden gnome, she flutters inside. As the humans sleep peacefully in their beds, Finley explores their home. She has a quick snack from the pantry, she paints a picture with glitter, she plays with the human’s toys, and she even completes a few household chores. But as soon as the sun rises, Finley must head back to the forest before the humans and the other fairies wake from their slumber. Can she make it back in time without being noticed? And where will her next adventure take her?

Finley the Fairy is an illustrated picture book for young children by author Kimberly A Perry and illustrated by Lau Frank. The book follows Finley, a little fairy who sneaks out of her bed at night to explore the forbidden human world. Finley is smart, mischievous, and adventurous, and young children will laugh out loud at her outrageous antics, as the humans sleep peacefully in their beds.

This is a fun and delightful picture book which will help spark young children’s curiosity and imagination, as they wonder whether fairies really exist and what they might get up to in the middle of the night. Beautifully written in lyrical rhyme, with an adorable character and dreamy illustrations, this book is a bedtime treat for younger children and their caregivers.  

Star rating:  5 Stars

Summary: A fun and delightful picture book about a mischievous and adventurous little fairy, which will help spark young children’s curiosity and imagination.

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