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Kelly Pacheco

Kelly Pacheco

The Excavator Who Didn't Want to Dig

A little excavator goes in search of his dream job.

Digger the excavator is working on a construction site, digging away the dirt. But when he looks around the site, he suddenly feels very small. He thinks all of the other construction vehicles have much bigger jobs. Dumper, the dump truck, hauls huge loads of dirt and rocks. Digger thinks he would like to carry big loads, just like Dumper. Dumper shows Digger how he dumps big loads of dirt, but Digger can only move one small scoop at a time. Out in the street, Digger meets Garby, a garbage truck, lifting a huge dumpster. Digger thinks that would be the perfect job for him. Garby shows him how he picks up trash, but Digger cannot do the job well because he doesn’t have a hopper. Digger meets other vehicles, including Rollie (the steamroller), Harvee (the combine harvester) and even a jumbo jet. Digger would like to do their jobs, but he is sad that he is not able to. When he returns to the construction site, Digger finds all of the construction vehicles stood still. He soon realises that the other vehicles cannot do their job without him. Digger the excavator is much more useful and important than he realised. Maybe digging is the perfect job, after all?

The Excavator Who Didn’t Want to Dig is a cute picture book by author Kelly Pacheco about a little excavator in search of his dream job. With an adorable excavator character, a simple and engaging story, and sweet illustrations, the book explores themes of diversity, self-awareness and self-discovery. The book beautifully conveys the message that everyone is unique and has something special to offer.

Young children are fascinated by construction vehicles, and they will love this book and Digger the excavator.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A delightful picture book that encourages young children to accept their differences and embrace their uniqueness.

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