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Katherine Lockwood

Katherine Lockwood

Why Me Mama A Childrens Book About The Disability Experience

A little owl has a big worry.

It’s Rose’s birthday and she is planning a party, but she is not looking forward to the celebrations. She is afraid her friends will not want to come to the party because she is different. Her mom explains that she felt different from her friends too, but people couldn’t see her difference. Some differences can be seen, but others cannot. So, Rose decides she wants to invite everyone, and as she hands out her invitations, she learns that many of her friends have differences too. Some of the differences are visible, but some of them are not visible. As Rose prepares for her birthday party, she learns that sometimes her friends have to find new ways of doing things, but it does not stop them from joining in and taking part. Rose also learns that some of her friends cannot attend her party because it is just too difficult for them, but she makes sure they still feel involved by sharing her birthday cake with them.  The day of the party arrives, and Rose is looking forward to the celebrations. Rose understands that many of her friends have differences, and their differences make them who they are. She soon realises they are all wonderful and unique, and so is she.

Why Me, Mama? A Childrens Book About The Disability Experience by author Katherine Lockwood is a beautifully written and illustrated picture book, about Rose who is worried about being different but learns to accept and love her differences. This is a powerful and inspiring story about a little girl, told through the eyes of an adorable owl. Featuring a variety of charming woodland creatures with human characteristics, young children will be able to connect with their emotions and experiences. The book will help young children learn the importance of equality, diversity, and inclusion, of accepting people the way they are, and of celebrating their individual differences. An excellent choice for parents and educators to explore themes of self-acceptance and friendship with young readers.

The enchanting illustrations by Evgeniya Erokhina, complement the story perfectly, capturing the owl’s changing emotions and the delightful woodland setting.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A beautifully written and illustrated picture book, which explores themes of self-acceptance and friendship.

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