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Kafilat Shobajo

All The Things I Can Be

Kafilat Shobajo

A young girl named Kofo has big dreams.

It is ‘Career Day’ at school and a young girl named Kofo is thinking about all the wonderful and amazing careers she could have when she grows up. Her parents have taught her the importance of education and she knows that she will have to work hard in any career. Her parents have also taught her the importance of self-belief, and everyday Kofo repeats positive affirmations to remind herself just how smart and strong she is, and that she can achieve anything she sets her mind to. She could be a teacher, a lawyer, a nurse or doctor, an architect, a farmer, or a plumber, and many, many more things. With hard work and determination, she could even be the first woman President of her country one day.

All The Things I Can Be is an illustrated picture book by Kafilat Shobajo about a young girl who explores all the potential career options available to her. There are no limitations to her ambitions. She is strong and positive, and knows with hard work and determination, she will achieve her dreams. This is an engaging, positive and powerful picture book for young readers. It will inspire readers to think about a variety of different career options, the importance of those careers, and the benefits they bring. It will encourage young readers to think beyond typical gender-based careers and consider all opportunities. I particularly enjoyed the illustrations, the diversity of the characters and the images of Kofo in different roles.

The book has a positive message for both girls and boys, and will inspire young readers to follow their dreams.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A delightful picture book about a young girl and the endless career options available to her.

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