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Julia Coldicott

Julia Coldicott

Just Being Fred

A funny and charming picture book about diversity and inclusion, from author Julia Coldicott

Frederick looks like a frog. He is green and slimy, has big bug-like eyes and can jump high in the sky. But more than anything in the world Frederick would like to be a duck. He feels like a duck on the inside, so why can’t he be a duck? Frederick’s frog friends disagree. They laugh at him and repeatedly tell him that he is a frog, and a frog he shall stay. Until one day, poor little Frederick, lonely and upset, talks to his mum and dad, and explains that he thinks he is a duck. His parents accept his desire to be a duck with open arms. “If you feel like a duck in your body, dear Fred, then a duck you shall be. It’s your life!” They both said. Brave Frederick returns to his friends beaming with confidence and tells them he will live as a duck just as he feels.

Beautifully written by Coldicott, with sumptuous rhyme and repetition that younger will love. I imagine this book will be a bedtime favourite, as young children will love to shout aloud to ‘You’re a frog!’ ‘No, I’m not,’ ‘Yes, you are,’ which is repeated throughout the book.

The illustrations by Lily Baron are adorable and funny. Young children will giggle at Frederick in some silly situations, and his many attempts to swim and fly like a duck.

This is a sweet and charming picture book with an important message about equality, diversity, and inclusion. It will help children to understand the importance of self-acceptance, and of accepting others just the way they are.

Star Rating: 5 Stars


‘A sweet and charming picture book, with an important message about equality, diversity, and inclusion. We loved it. Everyone needs to be more like Fred! A SILVER WINNER and highly recommended.’

Julia Coldicott
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