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Jeffrey Morgan

Jeffrey Morgan

Bungo the Funky Monkey Adventures in Kindness

A lesson in kindness from a jungle monkey.

Bungo is a funky monkey, who lives in the jungle. He loves to dance, play, and swing in the trees, but his favourite thing is to spread kindness amongst the other animals. He helps a little bird who has hurt her wing, and he cheers up a tiger who his feeling down. He plays his flute to entertain his jungle friends, and he spreads joy and happiness to everyone around him. Through his small acts of kindness, Bungo makes his friends feel happy. But through showing kindness, Bungo also feels happy.

Bungo the Funky Monkey, Adventures in Kindness, is a sweet and charming illustrated picture book for young children by author Jeffrey Morgan. The book has an important message for young readers about the importance of showing kindness, empathy, and compassion.  Written in rhyme, with bright, colourful, and delightful animal characters, this is a great way of engaging young readers in such an important topic.

Young readers will love the colourful illustrations and the cute cartoon-like characters.  With additional resources at the end of the book, this is a great book for parents, carers, and teachers to start conversations about kindness with younger children.

Star rating:  5 Stars

Summary: A sweet and charming illustrated picture book, with cute animal characters, and an important message about kindness and compassion.

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