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JB Van Cleave


JB Van Cleave

PTSDragon explores the magic of the human brain, and how dragons have helped the human brain overcome great challenges. People working in difficult or dangerous jobs, such as the military, emergency services and healthcare; and those who have experienced an accident, disaster, or crime, may experience trauma. A dragon can be summoned by the brain to help it cope with a dangerous or stressful situation, for example to help a soldier fight to victory, or to help a paramedic stay calm and focused. But sometimes a dragon is known to outstay its welcome and can stay with a person even after the danger has passed, causing further challenge, pain, sadness or discomfort to the brain and others around it. In these scenarios, wizards (psychiatrists) and dragon trainers (therapists) can help train the brain and manage the dragon.

PTSDragon is an inspiring, insightful, and educational picture book for children, exploring an often complex and confusing subject matter. The imaginative use of dragons and magic will help children to understand the issue in a really engaging and accessible way. It will encourage families to discuss the topic, and help children to understand the experiences of their loved ones and the impact of PTSD. The book is a great resource for those who might have experienced trauma, or for anyone who wants to open up conversations about PTSD and mental health. Van Cleave provides hope to those experiencing trauma, and those that have been affected by PTSD, that support and help is available.

Star Rating: 5 Stars


‘An inspiring, insightful, and educational picture book for children exploring PTSD and mental health. A FINALIST and highly recommended.’

JB Van Cleave
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